Mass Marriage 2019:

We have celebrated 10th year Free Mass Marriages for differently abled and economically poor. on 18/11/2019. This year 47 couples were solemnized. so far 506 marriages were celebrated by us.

Mass Marriage 2018:

Swayamvaam for differently abled persons

Mass Marriage 2017:

Swayamvaram conducted in 15 districts. Shortlisted couples are asked to appear before counselling. The selected 61 couples are asked to have wedding performed on 20th Nov 2017.

Sri Janmanshtami Celebration and Prize Distribution

Mass Marriage 2016:

We have performed 349 Free marriages for differently abled persons and economically weaker. 53 marriages were performed in 2016.


krishna Janmashtami Celebration
we have celebrated sri krishna janmashtami during the year 2016, four days exhibitions were conducted depicting the life and leela of Lord sri krishna and Sri Rama. On this occasion we conduct interschool /college competitions in several events. more than 450 prizes were awarded to the winners


Mass Marriage 2015 – 16:

This is the 6th year mass marriage. We have so far celebrated 286 marriages as of now.

This year we have celebrated for 38 couples. 22 couples on 2nd December 2015 and 16 couples on 27th January 2016.
Free Mass Marriage:

  • November 2010 witnessed a wonderful event – Mass Marriage to differently abled poor couples from various parts of Tamil Nadu in our trust premises. See Mass Marriage page for more details.
  • In Co-ordination with TamilNadu Handicapped Federation charitable trust and Tamil Nadu slum dwellers Association. Swayamvaram was conducted.
  • Selected couples where given counseling and marriages were conducted in our trust premises. 34 (Thirty four) couples were married and are having a peaceful married life.
  • Again during September 2011 25 (Twenty five) couples were married off.
  • These two events received standing appreciation not only from the public but also from political leaders, social dignitaries and other personalities.
  • These two events were attended by a Tamil Nadu social welfare minister Thirumathi Valarmathi, Thirumathi Kanimozhi M.P, legal luminaries and high rank police officials.
  • Spurred and encouraged by the result and appreciation, we have organized similar events during November 2012 for 30 couples and for 71 couples in October 2013.
  • Application for participation in Swayamvaram can be had from Shree Geeta Bhavan Trust and also from Tamil Nadu Handicapped Federation charitable Trust. It is also available in the website.
  • Applications are thoroughly scrutinized and the selected persons are to participate in Swayamvarams which are held in various centers pre-announced.
  • The selected couples and their parents are given counseling by a psychologist, gynecologist, Lawyers and other officers of Tamil Nadu Handicapped Federation Charitable Trust and experienced Personnel from Shree Geeta Bhavan Trust.
  • After Swayamvaram and counseling Mass marriage is held at Sri Geeta Bhavan Trust with pomp and pageantry.
  • Legal luminaries, high rank police officials and social and political dignitaries all attend this mass marriage.
  • Two (2) sovereigns of Gold Thali, New dresses, Two Months provisions, and new vessels and other required utilities are gifted to these couples by Shree Geeta Bhavan Trust.
  • There has not been a single case of marriage failure which is heartening to note.

Free Mass Marriage for Differentlyabled for 59(Fifty Nine) couples On 1st November 2012:

Before Mass Marriage Swayamvaram was conducted on 1st Sept 2012 and shortlisted the eligible couples. These eligible couples are called to attend for counseling conducted on 22nd Sept 2012 in where expert from different field ie, Doctors of various specialities, Legal experts, Professional counselors etc will be enlisted the eligible couple for mass marriage.

Presided over by Tmt B Valarmathi – Honorable Minister for Social Welfare for Differently abled and Thiru Saidai S Duraisamy-Worshipful Mayor of Chennai Corporation.

Gold Mangalsutra, Marriage dresses, clothes, casuals, bed comforts, cooking utensils, other vessels, householed materials, one month groceries etc gifted about 101 items.


Flood relief at Cuddalore:

When “THANE” strom struck Cuddalore and Pondicherry, Sri Geehta Bhavan Trust rushed to the affected parts of Cuddalore with loads of relief materials such medicines, clothes, vessels and food packets.

Every hutments and dwellings were visited by managing Trustee himself with a team of volunteers and each and every one of the victims were offered kind help.

Wherever financial help was needed Sri Geeta Bhavan Trustee willingly rendered assistance to the unfortunate victims.


Free Coaching

A. Free Hindi Classes, Sanskirit classes, Yoga classes conducted daily at Shree Bhavan Trust

B. Once in a week Bhajans are conducted at the Shree Geeta Bhavan Trust

C. Conducting District Level Inter College/Inter School competitions in Drawings, Paintings, Gita Recitation, Oratorical, Tamil Solo vocals, Tamil/Hindi Bhajans, Fancy Dresses etc., 240-250 silver medals towards 1st, 11nd, IIIrd prize winners and 500 stationeries to consolation prizes awarded to the students selected by the Judges

D. Extending financial assistance to the needy poor on the basis of the genuine, such as medical, education, marriage etc., by Shree Geeta Bhavan Trust.

E. Apart from the above Heritage /Cultural programme Shree Geeta Bhavan Trust is also performing celebrations every year such as Akanda Ramayan, Ramjanmashtami, Sri Krishna jayanthi at a glorious level.


  • To construct School Buildings with infrastructure in rural areas adjoining Chennai.
  • To help the poor students for Higher Education.
  • To help dedicated Teachers, who teach students without expecting anything, (GURUKUL) in terms of infrastructure.

Shri Ashok Kumar Goel, Managing Trustee, while announcing the salient features of the above scheme, informed that the facilitation to the poorest of the poor, physically-handicapped etc. living in remote villages, is to ensure that the benefits of this scheme reaches to those who come from the lowest strata of society. The Managing Trustee invited suggestions in this regard from the luminaries present.

Mr. NEHRUDASAN, National President, “Slum Dwellers Federation” while congratulating SRI GEEHA BHAVAN TRUST for this laudable “SCHEME”, suggested that a committee of Sri Geeta Bhavan Trust’s goal to educate the poorest of the poor, is achieved. He suggested that villages in and around DHARMAPURI DISTRICT, where tribal’s live in large numbers with no one to support them in terms of Health and Educational assistance, may be preferred to enjoy the fruits of the scheme. Sri. Gopal Agarwal, Trustee, Mr. Chidambaram Nathan, president “Tamilnadu Handicapped Federation”, concurred with the above suggestion of Mr. Nehrudasan, and wished that members of the social service organizations work on tandem with Sri Geeta Bhavan Trust to fulfill this Noble-Cause.

Along with the above subjects, the need to assist some Dilapidated Temples in villages in Tamilnadu, requiring renovation was also discussed. Almost all the luminaries present were of the unanimous opinion that this is an excellent proposition and by roping in some of the “Nongovernmental organizations” (NGOS), the Rotary-club, lions Club and by getting the advice and assistance of the Tamilnadu Religious and Charitable endowment Board, a programmed may be drawn up and possible financial assistance could be provided. In conclusion, winding up the discussion, Shri. Ashok Kumar Goel, Managing trustee, thanked all the participants for their presence and for offering valuable suggestions and wished more meeting of this nature are held at periodical intervals, so that the above schemes envisaged by Sri Geeta Bhavan Trust are set in motion. The Managing Trustee also mentioned that all the suggestions of Organizations’ / Individuals would be placed before the Board of Trustees of “Sri Geeta bhavan Trust” for discussion and approval.

The meeting concluded with Mr. Raghavulu, Treasurer, Sri Geeta Sangam, a unit of Sree Geeta Bhavan Trust, Proposing vote of thanks.


Health Care:

  • In respect of poor children and those poverty-stricken people, suffering from major diseases, financial assistance is provided   by the TRUST for medical treatment.
  • Help Differently Abled with supporting equipments.
  • Help extended to theGovt.ChildrenHospitalfor the benefit of the New born babies.
  • Help to the Victims of Natural and other Calamities :
  • Sri Geeta Bhavan Trust will be in the fore-front to rush help to the affected people.

Explaining the features of the above proposal, Shri. Ashok Kumar Goel, informed those present at the “Consultative Meeting” that the intention of the “TRUST” is (a) to extend financial assistance for treatment to the Bread-Winner of a very poor family affected by major health problem/met with an accident and requires urgent medical treatment (b) children / young Boys or Girls / women without any means to take treatment, and that the assistance will be limited to one time.

Dr. G.S. Prabhudoss, surgeon Govt. Stanley Hospital, Chennai, informed that he himself treating poor people free of cost and was all praise for “Sri Geeta Bhavan Trust” for venturing into the “MEDICAL ASSISTANCE SCHEME” for the poor. He suggested that some villages in “VILLUPURAM DISTRICT”, from where he hails, many poorest of the poor people (Men / Women / Children) suffer from Major Health problems and in such places a survey may be conducted in coordination with some surgeons / physicians from the voluntary health services, the really needy persons from the “Lowest Strata of Society” could be identified and financial assistance extended. Dr. Mano Bakthavatsalam, supported the above view of Dr.G.S.Prabudoss.

Mr. R. Mohan, Chairman “Sangamam Trust” suggested that men / women / children with chronic ailment, living in various slums in and around Chennai city may also be considered for medical assistance since the benefits of the scheme for Medical Assistance to the poor living in slums, assured by the State Govt, from time to time do not reach the deserving poor.

Mr. Chidambaranathan, president “TAMIL NADU HANDICAPPED FEDERATION” charitable Trust and Mrs. Arunadevi, Member of the above Trust, felt that there are many physically handicapped persons who cannot afford to buy “CRUTCHES” for their movement, and requested that for such persons crutches may be procured and supplied to them by Sri Geeta Bhavan Trust.